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LED Professional Duty Flashlight and Floodlight with Strobe Effect - Yellow Housing
SKU:: BAY-NSR-9910

This LED Professional Duty Flashlight is specifically designed for industrial and automotive professionals.  It is a perfect fit it in the marine industry for the; mechanic, crew, inspections, boat owner, etc. The NSR-9910 also has a special feature built into the tail cap, a rare earth magnet.  Not to mention Bayco's exclusive Dual-Light INNOVATION™ is also designed into this LED Flashlight which combines a sharply focused LED flashlight beam and a super bright LED floodlight, all into a compact housing, small enough to fit into your back pocket.  This LED Flashlight definitely belongs with the Marine Industry!

Your price: $120.00
Retail price: $150.00 save 20%
LED Flashlight and Floodlight with Flashing Safety Light - 8 Color Combinations Available
SKU:: BAY-NSP-1164

This full-size flashlight/floodlight is specifically designed for your safety. No matter where you are, the Dual-Light INNOVATION™ and Flashing Light effect, make this the safest LED flashlight to have. Put one in the car, truck, boat, and in the house, now you don't have to do without. 

Your price: $35.00
Retail price: $44.00 save 20%

LED Tactical Flashlight - Black, Tan, or Yellow Housing

Powerful compact flashlight with brilliant LED light output that pierces darkness better than some full-sized flashlights.  The deep reflector sharply focuses the beam to give you a visibility advantage when you need it most.  Its lightweight, waterproof, and rugged design makes it ideal to use just about anywhere. Perfect for "on the job," in your toolbox, tackle box, or your boat.

Your price: $36.00
Retail price: $43.95 save 18%

LED Headlamp - Spotlight and Floodlight - Weatherproof

This LED Headlamp from Night Stick, is NEW, featuring a weatherproof design.  It's compact, lightweight and is the perfect hands-free LED Light.  The non-slip elastic band is secure and comfortable to be worn directly on your head, or expandable to mount on a hard-hat.   The LED Headlamp features the exclusive Dual-Light functionality by combining a focused spotlight beam and a broad beam floodlight.  

Your price: $20.00
Retail price: $25.00 save 20%